How One Trip To Spain Changed Everything

We’d traveled before. We’d seen other beautiful cultures. We’d even lived in other countries.

Then we got to Spain.

From the warmth of the seaside breezes to the delicious food, it was clear from our first days roaming around Valencia that this trip was more than just a trip.

This was about learning how to live the Spanish way of life.

Living The Spanish Life

Each day in Spain was a new adventure.

From sharing tapas with friends we’d just met to parties that went late into the night, being in Spain became a feeling we couldn’t get enough of.

Yet, all good things must end. As we headed down to the beach on our last day, we found a father and daughter selling simple seashell bracelets.

We approached them and offered to take two. They smiled and gave us two… each.

As we walked back to our hostel, holding these bracelets, we thought back on the trip. We thought about the food, the weather, and most of all, the people.

Could we really leave that all behind?

Feeling The Vibes

That night, we had two thoughts.

One - that we’d never forget our time here. And two - we had to find a way to share this special feeling with other people.

Then we looked down at the bracelets. We realized we had already found that way.

We canceled our flights back home. We invited that father and daughter out to lunch.

And we got to work creating bracelets that could inspire other people just like they inspired us.

Enjoy Each Moment

From first wearing them to then making them, these bracelets have been all about enjoying the moment.

Each design became a chance to capture the feeling of a place that was feeling more and more like home.

And as much as locals and travelers alike enjoyed wearing them, we found joy in making them.

We had to find a way to keep going, so we captured the essence of what these bracelets meant to us.

Of living life as it’s meant to be lived…

Of feeling the vibes…

And of enjoying each moment.

And turned it into a slogan: “Live. Feel. Enjoy.”

Sea Melody Bracelets was born.

Live. Feel. Enjoy.

As the Live. Feel. Enjoy vibes have spread, we’ve kept creating.

We’re based in Spain now, working with a team of Spanish artisans and craftspeople, to share these creations with passionate people from all over the world.

From our first bracelets inspired by the blues, reds, and sun-bleached whites of Spain, we’ve kept going. Sea Melody Bracelets has grown to include other accessories, too, with necklaces, rings, earrings, anklets, and more.

While the kinds of jewelry we make has grown in number, the inspiration for each is still as simple as it was for us that day on the beach.

To have something beautiful that reminds us to